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The 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit
Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto
Monday, May 30th - Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
Conference Program: Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday

Press Room

Coalition for Competitive Telecommunications Associates with The Canadian Telecom Summit

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

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Telemanagement Live Inc.
Phil Ritchie
[email protected]

The 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit
Mark Goldberg
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Canada’s voice for business telecommunications users and customers will host gala fundraising dinners and receptions in 2005 at Canada’s two premier telecommunications events

Toronto, ON (February 23, 2005) The Coalition for Competitive Telecommunications, the voice for Canada’s business community on telecommunications policy and regulatory issues, announced today that it will host two business telecom networking Gala Dinners and Receptions, the first during The 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit and the second during the Telemanagement Live! 2005 conference in Toronto.

The Business Telecom Networking Gala Dinners and Receptions, which will take place on the evenings of May 30th and October 18th, are expected to be the largest Canadian telecommunications networking dinners of the year and the primary 2005 fundraising initiatives of the Coalition for Competitive Telecommunications.

The 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit, Canada’s premier telecom industry technology, services and policy conference, will be held at the Toronto Congress Centre, May 30 – June 1. The Coalition’s Gala Dinner and Reception held in association with The 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit will take place on May 30, 2005 in Hall B of the Toronto Congress Centre following Day One of the event program.

Telemanagement Live! 2005, Canada’s premier business telecom and networking event, will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North, October 17-19. The Coalition’s Gala Dinner and Reception held in association with Telemanagement Live! 2005 will take place on October 18, 2005 in the Ballroom of the nearby Toronto Fairmont Royal York Hotel following Day Two of the event program.

"We are pleased to be able to work with the Coalition in helping to facilitate their inaugural event. The Coalition represents an important voice for Canada’s business telecommunications users in advocating for policy that helps Canadian firms strengthen their competitive position," said Mark Goldberg, co-founder of The Canadian Telecom Summit.

“This is ideal for everyone. We’re very excited about this opportunity to work together with the Coalition and to enhance our networking opportunities for enterprise organizations, and the people who run them,” said Henry Dortmans, Conference Chair for Telemanagement Live! 2005.

“The Coalition for Competitive Telecommunications is thrilled to associate with these two exceptional events and to stage these key fundraising Gala Dinners and Receptions that will allow us to represent our business telecom users and customers even more effectively in the busy year ahead", said Ian C.W. Russell, Chairman of the Coalition and Senior Vice-President, Investment Dealers Association of Canada. "These conferences form a natural fit for us. We could not be more pleased to announce that our twin Galas will form an important part of the event programs for business telecom users attending both of these great conferences. We think this collaboration will bring tremendous benefits to our Coalition, to the 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit and to Telemanagement Live! 2005. We are confident that both of our Gala Dinners and Receptions will be the Canadian telecom sector's must-attend social events of 2005, nested as they are within two of the best telecom conferences in North America."

The Coalition for Competitive Telecommunications was established in 2003 in response to growing concerns that Canada’s business community was without a voice on key issues of telecommunications policy and regulation that affected the way that Canadian companies conduct business. Ten national and regional associations operating in a wide variety of sectors including investment and finance, insurance, retail, manufacturing, tourism and education were determined to ensure that business' voice would be heard in Canadian policy and regulatory channels. They formed the Coalition to advocate the interests of Canadian business telecom users and customers before the CRTC and the federal government.

Acting on behalf of its member associations and more than 12,500 companies and school boards, the Coalition for Competitive Telecommunications believes that Canadian businesses and institutions have benefited from a decade or more of robust telecom competition and seeks to ensure that regulatory actions neither disadvantage business telecommunications users, nor erode price and service features gained by business customers through the effective functioning of the competitive business telecommunications marketplace in Canada. For more information about the Coalition, contact Tony Stikeman at and for more information about the Coalition Gala Dinners and Receptions, contact Cheryl Forestell at

“The Summit will provide an important venue for telecommunications vendors and users to meet and discuss issues relevant to both groups, enabling a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas that leads to a more prosperous environment for all concerned" said Michael Sone, co-founder of The Canadian Telecom Summit. “May 30th will be a truly memorable evening for the telecom industry, including a special performance by Stuart McLean, host of CBC Radio's Vinyl Cafe program”.

“The Royal York Gala on October 18th will be phenomenal,” said Phil Ritchie, Tradeshow Chair for Telemanagement Live! 2005. “A key mandate of Telemanagement Live! is to foster interaction with enterprise customers and this will be the social highlight of our event. The limited supply of tickets will sell out quickly.”

"The Coalition’s membership is strong and growing” says Tony Stikeman, an advisor to the Coalition and President of Tactix Government Consulting Inc. “We’re pleased to be working with the organizers of both of these important telecom conferences to help ensure that business customers share experiences, keep up-to-date and are heard by telecommunications decision-makers in Ottawa through the work of our Coalition.”

About The 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit

The 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit brings together the key influencers who are creating Canada's unique telecommunications market structure, and features keynote addresses by the leadership of Canada's service providers and global equipment suppliers. For more information about The 2005 Canadian Telecom Summit, please visit: www.telecomsummit.com or contact the conference co-chairs: Mark Goldberg (, t: +1.905.882.0417) or Michael Sone (, t: +1.416.360.0424)

About Telemanagement Live!

Telemanagement Live Inc. is a Canadian organization that hosts the premier annual conference on current business telecom and networking issues. The event brings together end user customers, suppliers, and advisors to share real-life experiences and insights to help people make better decisions. Please visit www.telemanagementlive.com or contact the co-chairs: Henry Dortmans at or 416.204.0043 or Phil Ritchie at or 416.204.0044.

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