John Antonio
Chief Strategy Officer,
speaking at:
Monday's Network Innovation
Transforming networks & applications for nexgen services

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John is currently the Chief Strategy Officer of IDX and its former CTO. Responsible for developing innovation first strategies to accelerate and advance IDX's leadership in market disrupting technology infrastructure solutions. A 30+ year veteran of the technology industry having worked in software, consulting and technology integration sectors for market leaders including Oracle, Accenture, and Fujitsu. A strategic thinker with an innovator's mindset and an entrepreneur's soul who has also founded and managed a number of technology companies - Beyond Software, Storage Intelligence, Vorado, DBxperts.

An earlier advocate of cloud computing and a participant in its pre-cursor, application service providers (ASP), he has been and continues to be a strong proponent of the cloud's potential. Combined with his fundamental belief that software underpins today's innovation engine, he sees historic changes across industries including the telecommunications sector.

John has been involved with businesses in the telecommunications sector for over 20 years.