James Buchanan
SVP & GM Ensemble,
ADVA Optical Networking
speaking at:
Monday's Network Innovation
Transforming networks & applications for nexgen services

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James Buchanan is General Manager of the Ensemble Business Unit, the industry's leading NVF Infrastructure specialist. Ensemble offers open uCPE and Secure Cloud Networking solutions to Enterprises and Service Providers globally.

Previously as SVP PLM, James led PLM for ADVA Optical Networking's industry leading FSP3000 and FSP150 product families as well as the FSP Management and Control Software Suite. In this role he is responsible for setting the product vision and overseeing the rollout of the company's innovative Optical+Ethernet portfolio.

Mr. Buchanan joined ADVA in January, 2006 as part of the Purchase of Covaro Networks. He brings 30 years experience to ADVA, gained with global telecommunications and high-tech companies, including Covaro Networks, Metera Networks, Nortel Networks and Spar Aerospace.

Mr. Buchanan holds a degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Toronto.